Supply Chain


The company has a structured supply chain management system, that ensures the efficient supply of high quality products. Its’ owned fleet supports a wide distribution network, in all types of temperature conditions, with a great experience in delivering products to locations with special specifications like schools, vessels and airports. Hellenic Catering handles the support of all points of sale that belong to the Group, as well as a large number of customers all around Greece (more than 750 points of sale). It manages more than 2000 different product codes, a total of over 17.000 tons of products on an annual basis, through more than 3.800 Itineraries.

Distribution network
Supply chain map

Hellenic Catering has established a strict set of regulations and controls across all logistics stages, from the supply of materials to the distribution to the final point of sale. The 3 most important factors behind the successful operation of this system are:

Technical support
High technology equipment
Specialized personnel