Pastry & Bakery


Hellenic Catering has been operating in this field since 1939 through the historical brand “Floca”.

It is one of the first companies in Greece that invested in the development of individual desserts. The great variety, the superior quality and the handmade production procedure are the main characteristics of this product range. In addition, Hellenic Catering value for money products are easy to prepare and serve by any foodservice professional.

The product line “What’s Cooking Today?” includes 3 traditional frozen dessert recipes, that can be served directly after being defrosted. They were developed for the retail market, however they are also available to Cash & Carry and Horeca customers. The company produces a variety of classic and original individually packaged desserts as well as complete series of American-style desserts like Red Velvet, Oreo Cheesecake or Brownies.

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