Selection of raw materials


The procurement procedure for raw materials, is ensured by the size and the expertise of Hellenic Catering. Over the years, the company has dealt efficiently with the challenge of supporting some of the biggest foodservice brands in the Greek market, ensuring the quality and taste footprint of well-known recipes. For example, it has managed to maintain the characteristics of the original recipe for the trademark Goody’s burger patty for the past 40 years.

The provision of raw materials is guaranteed by strict procedures and practices, based on the company principles regarding indisputable quality.

Strict selection process

Long-term cooperations

Import control

Strict supplier selection procedures

Annual Supplier evaluation

We assure the consistency of our products through careful selection of raw materials.
We do not select our materials based on instant cost or availability. Especially in the area of meat supply, some of our collaborations have a history of over 30 years. We purchase chuck & blade from Botswana and the biggest Danish company, Danish Crown.
We maintain full control of our imports through specific deals with selected transport companies, in order to control the conditions under which the products are transported.
We perform a “360” evaluation that includes both quality as well as financial criteria.
Our suppliers are evaluated through a specially designed electronic system according to predefined set of standards and parameters. In cases of poor performance, the supplier enters a strict control process. If this leads to rejection, the supplier is removed from our list of suppliers.