Ready to eat meals


Hellenic Catering is an expert in the production of meals inspired by both the Mediterranean as well as International cuisine. The recipes are created by a team of experienced chefs, that specialize in the field of industrial catering. The variety of recipes covers all nutritional needs, such as vegetarian, Kosher and Halal. The company uses 3 different production methods in order to address all possible needs of foodservice professionals: “Cook & Freeze”, “Cook & Chill” and “Cook & Serve”. It has the ability to produce and deliver freshly prepared chilled food within 24 hours at any destination all around Greece.

The product line “What’s Cooking Today?” was developed for the retail market, however it is also available to Cash & Carry and Horeca customers. It is a variety of eight well-known recipes with the quality seal of Hellenic Catering.

The company has also created a breakfast & brunch category with individually packaged products such as scrambled eggs with bacon and mushrooms, croque monsieur and the traditional omelet-type recipe of “kagiana”. It is a series of tasty but also practical and safe alternatives developed especially for hotels and coffee shops.

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