Social Responsibility


The Goody’s- Everest Group is a leader in the Greek foodservice market and holds a distinct position among the sector’s dynamically developing companies in Europe. Our Group's priority is to invest in Greek entrepreneurship and innovation, aiming at continuous development and growth.

For our Group sustainable development is a long-term objective, a fact that we prove every day by operating in line with the principles of responsible entrepreneurship and by investing on high quality innovative products, and by implementing programs and actions in the areas of human resources, environmental responsibility and social contribution.


Our employees are the driving force behind the Group’s growth and the achievement of a competitive advantage. In this context, the Group nurtures a working environment characterized by equal opportunities, continuous education and training, meritocratic evaluation and benefits for the employees. The Group recognizes the devotion and overall contribution of our people, and offers them the opportunity for continuous development through the promotion of their skills.

Health and safety at work
The protection of the employees’ health and safety in all aspects of its activity is a high priority for Goody’s- Everest Group

In this context, it has adopted a Health and Safety Policy and implements a Workplace Health and Safety Management System certified by the international standard OHSAS 18001. This management system helps to identify, evaluate and inspect all issues regarding workplace health and safety as well as business risks in every productive and commercial activity of the Group.


The Goody’s- Everest Group has established specific procedures in order to monitor and control all aspects of its activities regarding:

  • Solid waste produced, 
  • the quality of liquid waste,
  • gas emissions,
  • the noise produced by the operation of production units,
  • energy, fuel and water consumption.

All data are evaluated by the person responsible for Environmental Management, and in collaboration with the competent executives and depending on the conclusions, the necessary preventive or/and corrective actions are implemented.


The Group’s priority is to create added value for the society in general and support the country’s social structures as well as a large number of people, contributing to the strengthening of social cohesion. The Group seeks to dynamically contribute in the best possible way in the promotion of balanced financial and social growth through the realization of targeted actions, designed and implemented by the major brands of the Group around 3 basic pillars:

  • Activities for children in need
  • Support of susceptible groups
  • Support of youth entrepreneurship

The Goody’s- Everest Group implements the Vivartia Group’s Code of Business Conduct, according to which transactions shall be made in a legal and ethical way in conformance with the national and international legislation in force. Regarding transparency and corruption, specific rules and principles apply regarding the acceptance of business gifts as well as the prevention of bribery and corruption of all employees.

Furthermore, a Code of Ethics has been established regarding the supply of goods and services, with specific standards and principles regarding the relation between employees and suppliers, as well as the act of offering or accepting gifts. Moreover, all suppliers must respect and observe the relevant Code of Ethics of Suppliers/Partners that has been developed as a framework regarding all transactions with the Group.